Est. 2018

Fathom X Change is the world’s largest physical and digital exchange platform for hemp and hemp derived products.  Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Denver Colorado, Fathom X Change set out to accelerate the growth of the industry by solving major market failures along the hemp supply chain.  We decided to leave growing and extracting to the experts, and instead focus entirely on the handoffs that take place throughout the supply chain. 

Our Objectives…

  • Get more deals to the finish line

  • Mitigate risk for both the supplier and buyer

  • Implement standard operating procedures and protocols 

2020 proved to be a challenging year for hemp farmers and companies.  A massive oversupply in the marketplace drove prices down and many out of the hemp space all together.  These challenges did not discourage us but instead inspired us to continue pushing forward on our mission. To achieve our mission, we strategically partnered with other like-minded businesses and people. Fathom now has a vast network of farmers, processors, and buyers that we can count on.  We know that to truly accelerate the growth of the hemp industry we cannot do it alone.

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